"Hammer team" is the software startup incubator of Ariel Luedi. The mission is to support software solution companies.


Hammer Team supports its companies with investment but also with expertise in different areas required to grow a company (Sales Operations, Finance, Marketing, IT, Legal, Tax or Brand). Ariel and his team create a forum for those companies to exchange, leverage synergies or find new ways of solving challenges. Hammer Team is situated in a landmark estate in Cham, Switzerland.




The Hammer Startups




The Hammer People


Ariel F. Lüdi

Founder and Owner

Ariel is a serial entrepreneur. He was a major shareholder and CEO of hybris software for eleven years, helping to develop the company and position it as a global commerce leader. Ariel‘s role was also instrumental in driving the successful acquisition of the company by SAP in August 2013 for more than 1B USD. Prior to joining hybris, Ariel held various senior positions at Salesforce, Oracle and IBM. Ariel entered the realm of e-commerce in 1996 at BroadVision. Ariel studied Physics at ETH in Zurich.


Guillaume Garreau


Guillaume is most endorsed for his Sales Operations expertise, GTM-knowledge, and Leadership. Prior to joining Hammer team, he was in charge of Operations at Hybris. Guillaume has worked previously for HP doing a variety of roles (including “Siebel” or “Salesforce.com” implementations, Channel Compensation, Marketing Funds, Sales process, or Business Analytics). Guillaume holds a Master degree in Economics from Universite de Rennes, and Master in International Management from Kalmar University.


Ariel Schvarzstein

Digital Marketing

Ariel S. aka Schvarzy has been endorsed for his digital knowledge, for scoping and implementing Enterprise digital marketing solutions, for his analytics passion and precision execution in high growth businesses. Prior to joining the team, Ariel was in held a number of Digital transformation roles at AmerSports, Nespresso, and led digital marketing at Hotels.com and Expedia.co.uk and Air France UK & IE. Ariel holds a BSc degree in Economics from Hebrew University of Jerusalem.




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If you want to get in touch with us, please send an email to info@hammerteam.ch.
Hammer Invest is located in Hammer 1, 6330 Cham in Switzerland.
Find out more about the historical estate on hammercham.ch.